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There is a lower barrier to entry and you don't need to spend much money on inventory. It also means you can test products and reduce the risk.

Factory Direct Price

By working with the us that produces the product, you can make sure you get exactly what you want.

Quick Respose

Oversea-based support for export production. Sourcing, design, production & more. The fastest way to bring unique new products to market.

Short Leadtime

The lead time between the placement of an order and delivery will be between 14 to 30 days.

About Us

Ladybird Beauty has been actively involved since 2009 in R&D and the production of an exclusive range of woman’s beauty products and fashion accessories, including artificial nails, nail accessories and other manicure tools.

Our Service

Exceed your expectations.
Always deliver our product and service on time or early.
Identify opportunities to enhance value.
Understand and care about your business to build trust. Always here for your need.
Ask for feedback regularly on our services.
Find a way to engage our clients with a survey, or personalized questions pertaining to their experiences to ensure our products are meeting their expectations.


Consult and Design

Uniquely positioned residential development consulting service and create positive impact through design.

Samples and Mock Up

A mock-up is a full-size model made with the specific development strategies and materials that will be utilised on a contract. We offer different printing skill like holographic,metallic, ombre, marble and decor with rhinestone.

Cutomized Packaging

Order custom packaging boxes and related items that show your product off at every opportunity such as paper, pet, pvc and gift box.

Samples confirmed and Production

Development and getting approval before mass production to make sure everything is correct.

Inhouse or 3rd party inspection

Inspection will always be act by our QC team or 3rd party to certificate the quality control.

Delivery and Export

With years of export experience we will help our customer to reduce customs holds, keep sensitive data secure, and more.


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